Purchasing property in Malta, such as to a farmhouse or loft available for sale, is an incredible investment. Malta has an appealing destination loaded up with an alluring lifestyle, lovely sea shores and noteworthy architecture making it an optimal destination for holidaymakers.

With such a broad option of property types accessible for sale or lease, purchasing a property in Malta as a foreign or local investor is an extraordinary venture. Not persuaded? This article provides some of the benefits of purchasing real estate in Malta.

Benefits of Investing in Malta Real Estate

There are several reasons you need to buy into Malta real estate, especially from Sunscape Properties. Not to mention, here are a few of them.


It is great to realize that Malta has an extremely exclusive standard of hotels. While purchasing a home in Malta, these lodgings can oblige your friends that will need to come and visit you. Moreover, it’s essential to specify that the Maltese people are truly accommodating and the English language is easily spoken.

Renting/leasing of property bought is permitted

For the most part, non-EU residents buy properties via the attainment of a license which imposes the condition to involve the property for private and non-rental purposes.

In the event of an EU resident, the property can be leased in those situations where it was purchased for such a business.

Mortgagesare accessible for non-occupants

Non-residents buying property in Malta can get a credit from nearby banks under typical business conditions, to fund a part of the value of the property being bought. More so, the credit would typically be upheld by guarantees on the property to be bought itself and different resources of the buyer in Malta, where accessible.

Exceptional tax status

One of the significant benefits is the way a purchaser might enjoy while purchasing land to live on the islands is that he/she might apply for an special tax status of 15 percent. This status can be enjoyed in by both EU and Non-EU occupants and is determined on the income gotten in Malta, where there is a base threshold of €15,000 in remittance.

It’s often recommended that you address an Authorised Registered Mandatory in regards to the legalities and rules so you might become well educated about the plans accessible for you.

Accessibility of properties

Fortunately, whether you are hoping to lease or buy home in Malta, the market has an immense selection of properties accessible that will suit the needs of anyone, as well as their financial plan.

The typical cost of a highly-completed few room loft in Malta is roughly €220,000. Depending on the area and sort of property, this will vary. You can look into several Malta real estate website to see the large choice of property listings and compare costs appropriately.

Great housing market

Can you list a few nations in Europe where their housing market has been not been impacted by the Global Financial Crisis? Malta is certainly one of them, and maybe the one to focus on.

Sound financial ethics and age-old practice of the Maltese overall population (98 percent) believing in putting resources into bricks. The mortar has been a significant contributing variable and motivations behind why the Malta housing market prevent the disastrous land crash that hit Europe by storm a couple of years ago.


When you understand what your prerequisites and spending plan are, you can continue to show you a selection of properties which that’ll suit you perfectly. Enjoy special tax status, rent out your purchased property and enjoy some top notch hospitality. Finally, reach out to Shortzzz to get more insight.

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